Coating Systems

Countless Remedies For Any Floor Condition.

Option 1

Intensive Cleaning

Aggressively scrubs the flooring to remove a build up of dirt and contaminants. This is a routine maintenance procedure.

~ Scrub Floor With I.F.T.

~ Rinse With Squeaky To Neutralize I.F.T.

~ Tack Clean With Micro Fiber And Squeaky

The Average Cost Of This Service Is .25 Cents Per Square Foot

Option 2

Clean & Refinish

A combination of the Intensive Cleaning Step and a quick and easy topcoat of Hardwood Refinisher. This option removes dirt from the floor and restores a uniform sheen.

~ Perform Intensive Cleaning

~ Ensure Hardwood Floors Are Debris Free

~ Apply Hardwood Refinisher With A Microfiber Pad

~ Allow 2 Hours to Dry And 24 Hours to Cure

The Average Cost Of This Option Is .50 Cents Per Square Foot. Dry Time And Cure Time Need To Be Observed.

Option 3

StreetShoe® Recoat

A Combination Of The Intensive Cleaning Process And Basic Coatings Best Hardwood Finish, Streetshoe!
A Very Durable And Protective Coating.
~ Perform Intensive Cleaning
~ Ensure No Debris On Hardwood
~ Apply Tykote (Primer Coat For Better Adhesion )
~ Topcoat With Streetshoe® (4 Sheens Available)

This Option Is The Best Way To Achieve A New Finish Without Sanding. Since These Products Are Water Based, They Have A Short
Cure Time. These Finishes Also Dry To A Harder Finish, Whereas Oil Based Finishes Dry To A Much Softer Finish Which Wears Faster.

The Average Cost Of This Option Is $1.50 Per Square Foot.

These Products And Procedures Have Been Brought To Us By BASIC COATINGS®. We Appreciate The Tools, Techniques, Products And Training. Thank You!